Improve your leadership performance

Willem van der Lee


My mission is to help leaders to get the best from themselves and the people they work with.  
I facilitate and coach Leadership Teams to achieve high performance.
I coach individual leaders to achieve higher levels of collaboration, effectiveness, and inspiration.
I facilitate groups of leaders who want to further grow as human beings.


Leadership is a contact sport. No leader achieves anything alone.
Effective leadership without collaboration is impossible.

Collaboration under pressure, in uncertainty, with strong personalities is a significant challenge.


On this website you can read about what I do and how I work.

The office

Villa Henriëtte in Hilversum



Top Team Effectiveness

Personal Leadership Coaching

Leadership Development

For leadership teams.....

  • with a new leader and/or new team members
  • facing significant business and leadership challenges
  • that want to improve collaboration
    and performance
  • that need to work through conflict

For individual leaders.....

  • who are already successful yet still want to improve themselves
  • in a fast growth track to the top
  • in search of a meaningful next phase of their career
  • preparing for a bigger role
  • on boarding in a new role

For Groups of leaders....

  • to improve their leadership performance
  • to strengthen emotional balance and regulation
  • to be more effective and happier in their role
  • to  navigate through midlife transition