Below you find an article on the inner game of leadership (written by my fellow and friend Jeroen Hilberts)

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Below you find a short article, which clarifies my thinking on leadership.

Cherish Your Enemy

How I work

Better to practice silence than to preach bla bla

Leaders are more effective when they strive for a positive
and meaningful impact on people and the environment around them.

Reducing our ego helps us to increase the positive impact of our leadership.
These beliefs I truly ‘live’, but leadership is about what you practice rather than what you say.


Mutual commitment

I have a strong commitment to get real results in terms of improved leadership.
I enjoy working with leaders who have the same commitment.

Clear and authentic

 I observe and give feedback in clear language. No corporate jargon. We work together on real leadership challenges.  


Experiential learning

We don’t learn and grow by talking sessions only.
Experiential learning is about doing, practicing, and experiencing.
We work on real business issues together. We go outside, we move, out of comfort. 

'Minimal invasive'

In team coaching, it is not about the facilitator. It is about the team. I look for ways to get maximum improvement with minimum spotlight on the facilitator. I dislike big ego, heroic team coaches who make the team depend on their brilliant interventions.



I work with a global network of like-minded coaches, facilitators, teachers and specialists in experiential learning.

About me

I have developed my experience in leadership development over the years in different roles.

I held different senior HR positions at large multinational companies (Ahold, Heineken, Grandvision, FrieslandCampina). I have personal experience as member of the top team in different businesses.


Since 2006, I have specialised in top team effectiveness and personal leadership coaching.  
I have worked in very different settings: listed companies, partnerships, private equity, cooperative ownership.


My client base is very diverse in terms of industry, size and ownership structure. 


I am a psychologist in business. I hold a MSc in psychology, including intensive training in coaching and counselling. I apply social and clinical psychology in my work. 


I grow my own vegetables. Digging in the soul is useful, but digging in the ground is perhaps even better.


I have extensive international experience:  Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa.


I am a husband, father and grandfather. Besides work and family I have a passion for being out in nature. I go hiking, mountaineering and ski touring.