Most Executives admit it: the higher up in the organizational hierarchy, the more difficult true collaboration is.

How do you get top leaders to collaborate effectively? 


Often, poor teamwork in a top team is simply accepted as a fact of life. What a pity!

Top teams can be effective and this role model behaviour can have significant positive impact on the business and the organisation. Last but not least, being part of an effective team is a rewarding experience! 


I coach and facilitate leadership teams to reach high performance. Through practice of real dialogue and experiential learning, I enable teams to have better alignment on direction and priorities, stronger trust and engagement, better execution of teamwork and an increased ability to learn, even in the heat of the moment.


A top team with real trust and great collaboration is a source of inspiration for the whole company!
In the top team is where role modeling begins......


If you are the leader or a member of a top team and you want to realise untapped team potential, contact me to explore possibilities.
I work with leadership teams all over the world, in different businesses and cultural settings. 


Typical assignments with top teams:

  • New team leader or changed team composition
  • Team facing significant business and leadership challenges
  • Team with the ambition to improve performance
  • Untapped potential or conflict within the team
  • Board (self) evaluation