'I had the opportunity to work quite closely with Willem for a couple of years and it was a very valuable experience. Every single time I spoke with him it has been worth for me. Don't expect Willem to come with a pre-packaged solution for you. He always helps you to find solutions, often hidden in the back of your mind. He helps you in understanding how you can deal with challenging situations, often by challenging yourself. He helps you in understanding others and see different points of view. He helps individuals in becoming better individuals and teams in becoming better teams, what else? Yes something else... he does it with a big smile... which always helps!'

Daniele Voltini, CEO Avanzi, Italy

'It took Willem only 24 hours to create a top team out of our team. Two months in the role of as managing director, I asked Willem his help. My management team was not yet a top performing team even though all the individuals were top performers themselves.

Willem has developed over the years a deep knowledge on how to unleash top team performance. He has broad experience of tools and techniques that are very effective although sometimes out of your comfort zone. Especially the latter effect helped us as a team to get to know each other better and really bond. We still use the lessons learned on those days to boost our team performance every day. It is not only the knowledge and techniques that make Willem effective but he als radiates trust and is easy to bond with. People feel safe around him which is crucial to make true connections with each other. If you need to boost your or your teams’ performance, Willem is the go-to person.' 

Aafke Keizer, Chief Strategy Officer, Rabobank

 ‘Willem was involved in resolving a big complex departmental crisis which had been going on for much too long, so long that it had become part of the working culture. He showed himself as an expert whom people tend to take as an authority. And was able to unwind all stories and get the problem on the table.’
CEO, international retail company, the Netherlands

'Passionate, focused and with such a great style! We achieved together and it was fun. Willem has tremendous experience, which he brings to bear in a great way. He is a strong team builder, facilitator and has a firm grasp of broader commercial business issues. One day I would like to do it all over again with Willem!' 
Bryce Dyer, HR Director Essential Energy.

'I have had the privilege of experiencing Willem's capabilities over the last 3 years with my management team in Malaysia and Nigeria. He has been instrumental in working closely with me to diagnose a variety of situations and develop and implement programs to help improve organisation performance.

Willem has never been really a 'corporate guy' and has always wanted to stay in touch with and implement new approaches and techniques in helping get the best out of people.

This said, he is well versed with the corporate world, and is therefore able to well understand and contribute to content (business strategy and operational issues), which makes his interventions meaningful, valuable and relevant.

Finally, Willem is jovial and customer focused, yet is not afraid to speak his mind. His style is open and reflects a balance of planning and spontaneity. He is culturally sensitive and has global exposure, making him a truly valuable business partner to any senior leader looking to make a big impact with people.' 
Rahul Colaco, President FrieslandCampina China

' I see Willem as a man driven by conviction, understanding and optimism:

- A conviction to lead individuals and organisations to the next level by pointing or nudging towards the next mountain to climb

- Understanding of the corporate constraints, business needs and power struggles inherent in life in organisations and yet

- Optimistic about people’s ability to free themselves from unnecessary habits and assumptions and able to create a learning atmosphere where people are happy to experiment with new ways.

You will find in Willem and credible partner, a skilled facilitator and a delightful colleague.' 

Myrna Jelman, Ashridge Business School