Leadership Improvement


Being an effective leader in today’s world is a complex challenge. As leaders, we are looked at by different stakeholders, based on explicit and implicit ‘promises’ of what we are to deliver. The right direction for the company, engagement of stakeholders, orchestrating implementation and execution through the right processes, systems and organization, creating meaningful work and a work environment where people can thrive, and establishing strong, trust-based relations.


Leadership is what happens between people. The quality and effectiveness of our interaction with others, our ‘outer game’ is key to the results of our leadership. This outer game is, however, determined by our inner game. Our inner game consists of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, convictions. To be truly effective and happy leaders, we need to work actively on our inner game.


I work with groups of leaders who take their leadership challenges seriously and who seek to improve their leadership performance.


I work with robust yet easy-to-apply conceptual models, frameworks and diagnostics. The learning approach is to improve through practice.